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23 may 2022 #covidlong et persistence du virus et d'effe...

A small prospective #LongCovid study cohort assessing persistent virus, autoimmunity, or immune activation failed to show any of these features were present or differed from controls


“Importantly, they found no differences in the levels of immunologic markers that might indicate a potential immunologic mechanism for PASC.” From accompanying editorial. Reminder: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence


Many previous #LongCovid studies have documented auto-antibodies and persistent virus via biopsy. I don't only post studies that people like, but rather those in high quality journals likely to receive attention. The editorialist framed the deficiencies of this paper well 

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regarde cela : si les verts européens ne bougent pas ils sont morts

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Pourtant le lien fonctionne bien en le recopiant

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